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The Tennessee Journal
Do you need to know not just what the Tennessee General Assembly did yesterday, but also where specific legislative proposals originated; whether the legislature is likely to enact them; who's likely to win Tennessee offices -- and why; and most importantly, what this will mean to you and your business, profession, or community? Subscribe or Log in


Tennessee Workers' Compensation Handbook
This comprehensive resource for anyone who interacts with the Tennessee workers' comp system will answer questions such as: What are your workers' compensation obligations? What do you do once an employee has filed a claim? What happens when a lawsuit is filed?


Tennessee Attorneys Directory
With over 11,000 individual listings of Tennessee attorneys, this directory will quickly become the most convenient reference source your Tennessee law office will ever use. Subscriber Log-in

Tennessee Government Officials Directory
If immediate access to key Tennessee state and local officials is important to the way you do business, put this directory to work for you. It's designed for people who don't have time to cut through the red tape. With the directory, you have at your fingertips the most up-to-date information available on more than 10,000 Tennessee government officials. Subscriber Log-in


Tennessee Attorneys Memo Workers' Compensation Service
Finding information on current and relevant Tennessee workers' compensation developments has long been an arduous and patience-trying task. Reviewing all workers' compensation developments - case law, legislative, and regulatory - in one publication has been unheard of. Until now! Subscriber Log-in

Tennessee Legislation Service
Need to know what's happening in the Tennessee state legislature daily -- but don't have time to sift through mounds and mounds of General Assembly bills and calendars? Whether you want to see printed reports or want to compile your own reports on the Internet -- Tennessee Legislation Service provides the tools to do your job more effectively. Subscribe or Log in


Alabama Law Weekly
Each week, Alabama Law Weekly delivers to you fast-read, definitive summaries of every Supreme Court and appellate court opinion, giving you fast, easy access to all decisions affecting your practice. Our expert legal staff distills the information for you, so you save time and avoid the risk of error or oversight. Save even more time, and receive ALW each week by e-mail or fax, at no additional cost. Subscribe or Log in

Regional Newsletters

Fourth Circuit Review
Provides verbatim digests of all the published opinions from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Subscribers also get quarterly cumulative indexes for easy reference. If you practice in Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina, this newsletter is for you.

Sixth Circuit Review
Published 26 times a year, this newsletter provides verbatim digests of all the published opinions from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  If you practice in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, or Tennessee, this newsletter is for you.

Legal Counsel

Employers Counsel Network
If you need an attorney for an employment or labor matter, just look in the Employers Counsel Network. The network includes a law firm in every state, plus Washington, D.C., and Canada. More info