43 TAM 04, January 22, 2017

New "TN Together" plan to combat opioid crisis on multiple fronts

On January 22, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam announced the creation of a new initiative to combat the opioid epidemic in Tennessee. Tennessee Together ("TN Together") is a plan to address opioids via legislation, proposed state and federal funding of $30 million in the governor’s 2018-19 budget, and executive actions. The initiative will have three main components: prevention, treatment and law enforcement.


Court of Appeals

• In a termination of parental rights case, the court held that Tennessee Code Annotated 36-1-124(d) does not require the signature of the appellant where the appellant’s attorney has signed the appeal.

Court of Criminal Appeals

• In a case where Rule 8(a) required that the State combine two separate indictments before proceeding to trial and the State elected to proceed to trial initially only on one charge, the state was barred from trying the defendant on the second charge. The court vacated the defendant’s conviction of criminal exposure to HIV and dismissed the indictment.

• In a case where pretrial jail credit was ordered but the credit does not appear in the judgments, the court found it was possible defendant’s sentence had been fully served.

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